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Our Success Stories

On various projects and events, our Off Road Equipment and personnel has been welcomed by all upfront workers and staff. We have been able to make it to sites where no vehicles could travel, and have had a positive response from the working crews, staff and participants.

  • It was nice to have this vehicle onsite knowing we had a vehicle which would work in all conditions—TransCanada Consultant

  • It’s hard to utilize a medic pick up on most bush trails, but with your unit it’s possible - ALPAC

  • Your unique all terrain ambulances, gave us a very high level of confidence; something we appreciated while working, out there, with the large logging equipment in remote and winter environment conditions. - Mikisew North

  • I have seen companies try things to keep a medic within reach of the crews, but nev-er have I seen such a perfect solution that you have created here. It is great to know we have a medic with the capability to stay close to our crew, where they should be, in these remote locations and, if required, get them safely to an evacuation point.  - Erich Meiritz - K10 Contracting

  • In the 2015 the EMRA used Mahikan as our ambulance service for race weekends at Castrol Raceway. On August 9th my steering damper failed and I hit a cement wall at 170 km/hr - as soon as the track was clear they had their ambulance rolling and were on scene.


Both were extremely professional and thorough throughout my initial examination. It was determined they would have to cut my gloves and leathers off as I had damaged both my hands. As they were doing this they talked me through the process in a calm and thoughtful manner.

It was determined that both hands had severe trauma and I would need to be transported to the hospital. At this point I did not know that my finger was partially severed, Dee did a great job of wrapping it before I saw the damage. I was then put into the little ambulance to be taken for ambulance exchange and transfer. I was amazed at how much room they had to work in the small ambulance. When the transport ambulance arrived the paramedics entered Mahikans ambulance to administer a painkiller shot in my leg, even they commented a few times on how “cool” and set up the ambulance was.

I am very happy that Mahikan will be our ambulance provider for 2016. I am confident in their abilities and their vehicle. I can honestly say I would have wanted no other team taking care of me at such a critical time. They are personable, safety conscious individuals who have dealt with all manner of accidents from high speed crashes to kids with scraped knees with efficiency, knowledge, and respect. I would recommend this team to anyone. - Trish - EMRA Racing

  • HardNoX TrackDayz and HardNoX Racing has had the pleasure of having Dee and the Mahikan team alongside us overseeing track side medical support at multiple road racing facilities throughout Alberta for more than a decade.

We trust their expertise and judgement to ensure all medical needs are well in hand, from the non-critical to the life threatening. We would not be able to operate without their friendly competence that we have grown to rely on. We appreciate their work ethic, recommend them without reservation, and are grateful to partner with them going forward. They have become close friends that we not only trust with our lives, but the lives of our family and customers as well. - Ali - HardNox Racing

  • I have ten years experience on EMS Ambulances before starting on Industrial Ambulances in 2005. Since starting Industrial I have worked for several different Medical companies all across Alberta and Saskatchewan and have worked with different variations of emergency off road vehicles. 

I started with Mahikan Energy in February of this year working on Trans-Canada's Grand Rapids Project (GRP Spread 1a clearing). The off road vehicle Mahikan Energy was using at GRP-1a was a six wheeled drive dedicated Ambulance called a Medstat. The Medstat I was using had an optional track system that road over the rear wheels of the unit, just before the I left to go to another Trans-Canada location we took the track off to evaluate how the Medstat would operate using just tires. In ether configuration the Medstat had no problems whatsoever with the terrain of the newly cleared right of way. 

The Ambulance box itself is something you would see on a Provincial Ambulance and is professionally built. It comes with a robust rolling stretcher, and stretcher anchor system used in Provincial units. It has all the necessary cupboards for safe oxygen, medication, AED storage. The unit has an option of using three different systems for heat. The Medstat can use heat from the liquid cooled engine, or the espar (gas heater) or an electric 750 watt heater powered by a 4 kilowatt generator. We used this unit in temperatures as cold as -47c and it was toasty warm front and back.  This unit is also equipped with air conditioning. This off road Ambulance is truly designed for the care and comfort of anyone injured or taken sick on the job! I look forward to working with the Medstat in the upcoming seasons. - Terry Falls EMT-A